Monday, August 4, 2014

The Best Day!

Art in the Garden 2014

A few weeks ago I was able to attend Art in the Garden Tour in Port Moody. This has been something that I have wanted to do when I saw signs posted a couple of years ago and wasn't able to attend. For me this was a double pleasure. Viewing artists and their work and seeing beautiful gardens.

At the beginning the day was not promising. After many beautiful sunny days previously, that day promised rain and it did deliver. It sprinkled on and off but that didn't dampen my enjoyment. It was a wonderful day. It stands out for me as one of the best days I have had in a very long time. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Midway we stopped at the Arts Centre where we learned about worm composting (something I might like to try) and I even bought a subscription to Gardens West magazine. We ate some very good  perogies and than headed out for more. There were a wide range of different art on display from sculpture and pottery to paintings and fabric arts.

My idea of heaven!

These lovely little bird feeders were done by one of the
members of the tri-city potters

Again this earwig house was done by one of the members of
the tri-city potters

Food truck stop

Mmmm, perogies!

Sculpture in one of the most lovely gardens I have ever seen
The view was spectacular

Paintings under the eaves to protect from the elements

Lovely lilies

This was a very interesting heritage food garden


 A beautiful arrangement of hens and chicks
Last but not least hydrangea

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Trying to keep up


I have been very lax at posting anything these days but I have been crazy busy just trying to keep up with my life. Keeping up with the garden, work, family and getting ready (in shape) for my big walking adventure has definitely been a challenge.

I only have five weeks left with my garden until I leave it in my husbands capable hands. I hope anyway. At least he has promised to come out and water and hopefully pick any wayward zucchini.

The garden has been great. The garlic is harvested and drying in the basement. The cucumbers have had a bit of a hiccup this year and now I know what not to do. I started some from seed in my basement but they really really didn't like being transplanted. Never will I do that again. Seeds directly in the soil from now on. Live and learn. I have had a couple of cucumbers so far which is great. The swiss chard also kind didn't grow so I had to reseed.

The peas were the best that they have ever been. We actually had enough to eat peas for a couple of weeks. Oh, were they good!! I had the brilliant idea of planting them along the wire compost and they seemed to enjoy that and it gave them something to hang onto. Along with that of course it hid the compost.

The beans and tomatoes were are just starting to harvest and we have had two zucchini so far. The beets, carrots, kale and lettuce are also doing well. All in all it has been an awesome start to the growing season. Now it is just trying to keep up with it!

A beautiful sight and worth all the work!

It doesn't get any better than this!

Belated Sunday Snaps

These have actually been taken over the last few weeks but have just gotten around to posting!

A beautiful hummingbird at the bee balm.
 Blue Thistle

Young Bee Balm

 Owl at an abandoned building


A lovely place to sit

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bittersweet Rhubarb

I can never look at a rhubarb plant without thinking about my father.  I promised to make him a pie this year as soon as my rhubarb was ready. My mother hated rhubarb because she got too much of it when she was young so she would never cook it.

I made a wonderful pie with purchased rhubarb a couple of years ago and it was probably the best one that I ever made. He loved it but I still wanted to make one with my own rhubarb. Since this was the magic year three of growth for my rhubarb I was looking forward to harvesting as much as I wanted.

My father passed away in April, before I could make him a pie so it is kind of hard to look at it now. I'm trying to find other uses for it as I don't really have the heart to make a pie right now. I know eventually I will probably make another pie, eat it with friends or family and think of him. I know he wouldn't have wanted me to waste it so I have made some rhubarb jam with rosemary and some rhubarb chutney. I don't know whether he would have approved, he probably would have wanted me to make that pie!

It never gets old (Sunday Snaps)

 It never gets old

 Rhodo blossoms



A wonderful organized garden

Creative use of space and cool fence top

Garden Art

 Last but not least, the boot

Monday, March 24, 2014

Looking for Spring

Officially it is the first week of Spring so on Sunday I went looking for the signs. I decided to take my wire compost bin to the garden and see how my little plot fared over the winter.

As you can see it is looking great!

For the most part the leaves pretty much stayed on top of the beds and even the garlic is coming up.

The bark mulch is still looking pretty good and I love the way it looks with bits of acorn in it.

After setting up my composter and checking out what is coming up (mostly flowers) I took a walk to search for more signs of spring. They weren't hard to find.

 Hyacinth popping up in my flower bed

 The swallows have returned in full force!

 And the robins too!

Even the boot has survived!

 One of my favorite garden plots waiting

 Reflections in the water soaked grass. We have had a lot of rain!

The beautiful tree shapes near an abandoned building

Sedum Autumn Joy just waiting to burst open

Moss on a tree branch
Last but not least some wonderful colors!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Small batch canning

Over the past winter I have been thinking of better ways to save and use my harvest.

I used to love to can jellies and jams and at one time I made pickles but I don't get enough of anything to make the large batches that the recipes call for. After doing a bit of research online (I love the internet) I found a blog on canning small amounts. Perfect for me because then I can do it as I go and get a variety of things. It looks like an awesome site.

I was so impressed and I had a book credit to use up so I bought this book and am really looking forward to trying a few of the recipes. One I wish I had last year was for green tomato pickles. I had so many last year that I had to pick green and that would have been a great idea as quite a few went to waste. I'm not sure if I like green tomato pickles but if you don't have to make a huge batch it gives you the opportunity to try it first.

I have a big hiking holiday planned this year in September so I'm not sure how much canning I will be able to do but with any luck I can try a few things out.

I love the way everything looks so beautiful in jars.